Eagle Construction Solutions, LLC provides construction management and general contracting services on small to large projects for a diverse group of clients as indicated below.  

Key projects include:
Prince Frederick Hall, University of  Maryland, College Park, Maryland.  Scope: Furnish and install rough carpentry, wood blocking, temporary trash chutes, in-wall blocking, temporary sheds, toilet accessories, material hoist, temporary building entrances with locking hardware, protection of all building storefronts and bathrooms, temporary and permanent doors, hardware to all unit entry doors, and temporary windows.  General Contractor: Clark Construction
Greenbelt Test Track and Commissioning Facility, Greenbelt, Maryland.  Scope: Furnish and install all field painting for all areas at the Commissioning Facility and Parking Structure; furnish and install all concrete floor sealers, siloxane water repellant coats; resinous flooring for elevator cabs; line stripping at the parking structure; caulking to all precast-to-precast joints; foam fill, mineral wool or backer rode joints to meet product specifications and fire rating that may apply.   General Contractor; Skanska
Pentagon, Office of Secretary of Defense Swing Space, Federal Government, Arlington, Virginia. Scope: Furnish and install access doors, demolition and installation of ceiling tile and grid; install fire protection cabinets and fire extinguishers; provide joint fire-stopping and acoustical joint sealants; perform miscellaneous rough carpentry.  General Contractor: Eminence Group, LLC 
Oakland Hall Dormitory, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.  Scope: Rough Carpentry, Access Doors and panels, Staining and Transparent finishing, special metal coatings, residential appliances, entrance floor mats/frames, and specialties.  Wood framing & blocking, trash chute.   General Contractor:  Clark Construction.
Old Naval Hospital Rehabilitation – Hill Center, Old Naval Hospital Foundation, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Completed Rough Carpentry, Doors, Frames, Hardware; Installed Toilet Accessories, Toilet Compartments.  General Contractor:  Whiting Turner.    
Georgetown Public Library, DC Public Library, Washington, D.C.   Scope: Installed Doors, Frames, Hardware, Finish Carpentry/ Toilet Accessories.   General Contractor: Smoot Construction.
Ward One – Senior Wellness Center, DC Government, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Installed Doors, Frames, Hardware; Completed Rough Carpentry, Painting.  General Contractor: Forrester Construction.
Anacostia Senior High School, DC Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization, Washington, D.C.   Scope: Installed Door signage, metal canopy, metal gutters, and downspouts.  General Contractor: EEC of DC and Forrester Construction. 
Anacostia Library, DC Public Library, Washington, D.C.  Scope:  Installed doors, frames, hardware, toilet accessories, roller window shades.  General Contractor: Forrester Construction.

National Harbor American Way, Peterson Group, Oxon Hill, Maryland   Scope:  Built 12 permanent kiosks, a complete build out.  General  Contractor: Clark Construction.


Other Projects Include:

  • Community of Hope and Health Resource Center, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Furnish all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to deliver and install joint sealants and painting of mechanical and electrical work, wood base.   General Contractor:  Forrester Construction Company.
  • Office Of Peoples Counsel, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Conference room ceiling renovation entailing demolition of existing ceiling tiles, grid, air vent register covers, light fixtures, light switches, and electrical wiring that's not needed.   General Contractor: Office of Peoples Counsel.
  • Turner Elementary School Modernization and Addition, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Provided rough carpentry; inventoried and install all doors, frames, and hardware; installed mirrors, toilet and bath accessories, and toilet partitions; provided protection of adjacent finishes.  General Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.
  • Stuart Hobson Middle School Renovation, Washington, D.C. Scope: Install all hollow metal and wood doors, frames, sidelights, transoms; furnish and install in-wall wood block for hardware; install all louvers, whiteboards, tack boards, toilet accessories, toilet partitions, fire extinguisher cabinets and metal storage shelving, and patch existing roof.  General Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.
  • Robert C. Weaver Building Modifications (HUD) and USAID Mobility Design Lab, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Performed demolition of partitions (HUD); and Installed sound damping drywall partitions (USAID).  General Contractor: GSA
  • Nalle Elementary School Modernization and E.L.Haynes at Clark Elementary Phase II Gym Addition,  Scope: Performed exterior and interior painting for new and existing walls, doors and frames and exposed metals and materials.  General Contractor: Forrester Construction Company. 
  • Rosedale Recreation Center, DC Government, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Install all rough carpentry materials.  General Contractor: Blue Skye Construction/Coakley-Williams Construction.
  • Seagull Square Student Housing, Salisbury State University, Salisbury, Maryland.   Scope: Supplied construction materials.   General Contractor: Whiting Turner Contracting Company.
  • National Foreign Affairs Training Center, US Army, Arlington, Virginia.  Scope: Completed rough carpentry, ceiling tile, and drywall.    General Contractor: SJLL Enterprises, LLC.
  • Naylor Gardens Condos, Gates Hudson, Washington, D.C.  Scope:   Completed rough carpentry/painting.  General Contractor:  Eagle Construction. 
  • Cleveland Park Library, DC Public Library, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Installed suspended ceiling tile and lighting as well as HVAC registers.   General Contractor: DC Public Library.
  • Watha T. Daniel – Shaw Library, DC Public Library, Washington, D.C.   Scope: Furnish/install book sleeve drops with hood, chute, and Braille label.   General Contractor: Forrester Construction.
  • Kort Condos, Washington, D.C.  Scope: Gutted and renovated 4 condominium units.   General Contractor:  Eagle Construction.
  • Howard Hughes Medical Center, Howard Hughes Foundation, Chevy Chase, Maryland.  Scope:  Did complete build out of an office mock-up.   General Contractor: Clark Construction
  • Andrews Air Force Base, US Government, Washington, D.C.  Scope:  Built and installed several trailer platforms.  General Contractor:  Clark Construction.